Dr Marta Kawka

Picture Books

The books presented by Play School’s Luke Carroll:

  • Simoncini, K., Kohlhagen, S., & Kawka, M. (Illustrator) (2019). The Puddle Puzzle. Canberra: Australian Government Department of Education and Training
  • Simoncini, K., Lowrie, T., & Kawka, M. (Illustrator) (2018). The Treehouse. Canberra: Australian Government Department of Education and Training
  • Simoncini, K., Logan, T., & Kawka, M. (Illustrator) (2018). Map Makers. Canberra: Australian Government Department of Education and Training
  • Simoncini, K., Larkin, K., & Kawka, M. (Illustrator) (2018). Pattern Sniffers. Canberra: Australian Government Department of Education and Training


Refereed journal articles

Edited Books

Book chapters

  • Larkin, K., Kawka, M., Noble, D., Van Rensburg, H., and Brodie, L., and Danaher, P. (2015). Empowering Educators: Promoting Enabling Teaching and Learning in Research and Practice. In K. Larkin, M. Kawka, P. Danaher, K. Noble, H. Van Rensburg & L. Brodie (Eds) Empowering Educators: Proven Principles and Successful Strategies. Palgrave Publishing, United Kingdom
  • Kawka, M. (2011). Teacher as Artist / Artist as Teacher. In C.J. Klopper, & S. Garvis (Ed.), Tapping into the classroom practice of the Arts: from the inside out. Brisbane: Post Pressed.

Conference presentations

  • Kawka, M. (November, 2014). Classtrophobia. Conference Paper presented at the World Alliance for Arts Education Global Summit (Transform: From Inception to Innovation in Arts Education), Brisbane
  • Kawka, M. (July, 2014).  Transgender and Transpecies Renderings: The change that is permanently needed. Conference Paper presented at the 34th World Congress of the International Society for Education through Art (InSEA 2014), Melbourne.
  • Kawka, M. (July, 2008). Being-With: Transforming Worlds with the Young. Paper presented at the Arts Intersection Symposium: Arts, disability, happiness, and well-being. Griffith  University Research Centre for Clinical and Community Practice Innovation.
  • Kawka, M. (2007). Inter-modal translation: New ways forward for art education. Paper presented at the Queensland Art Teachers Association Re.Vision. Conference, QUT,  Brisbane, Australia.
  • Kawka, M. (2006). Interactive Learning Environments: Integrating netArt and Educational Methodologies within a Multiliterate Framework. Paper presented at the Educational Research, who needs it?: RHD conference, Griffith University, Gold Coast.
  • Kawka, M. (2006). Creative arts pedagogies for digital environments. Paper presented at the Collaborations/Cross-Disciplines/Strange Bedfellows: Staff Conference, QCA, Brisbane.
  • Kawka, M. (2005) Artist Inquiry: methodology for the integration of visual arts practice and educational research. Paper presented at the World and Self: Unifying Knowledge Symposium, QCA, Brisbane.


  • Kawka, M., & Nieddu, M. (September, 2015). Transgressiphoria, The Hold Artspace, Brisbane
  • Kawka, M. (2008). 73 SFOD/123 Neomorphs, Galleria, QCA, Brisbane.
  • Kawka, M. (2007). The SFOD Universe, Galleria, QCA, Brisbane.
  • Kawka, M. (2001). GUT gEXZ of the sfod. In Fresh Cut, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane
  • Kawka, M. (2001). MAAP Festival (Excess). Brisbane Powerhouse
  • Kawka, M. (2001). Launch. QCA Gallery, Brisbane
  • Kawka, M. (2001). Exhibition Seven: sfodamong to do listIn Promise. Metro Gallery, Brisbane
  • Kawka, M. (2001). Update. White Box, Gold Coast
  • Kawka, M. (2001). autonoms.htm (Winner). In Artistcare Student Drawing Prize Exhibition. QCA Gallery, Brisbane
  • Kawka, M. (2000). At the Edge of a DGS, Arts Centre, Gold Coast
  • Kawka, M. (2000). sfod 73. In Vertical Hold. Arts Centre, Gold Coast
  • Kawka, M. (2000). Update. QCA Gallery, Brisbane
  • Kawka, M. (1999). Fresh Produce. Queensland Art Society Gallery, Gold Coast
  • Kawka, M. (1999). Entrapment of Line Drawing in Four Dimensions. In Artistcare Student Drawing Prize Exhibition. QCA Gallery, Brisbane

Recorded/Rendered Creative Works